1-Bare face and fresh hair

Please come with no makeup and freshly cleaned dry hair (can be from the night before or morning of) That way, you can keep the beautiful hair for more than just the night. Why not make the most out of your trial?

2- Inspiration

Bring photos of looks you like to your trial and we can discuss it together. I
recommend looking at pictures of people who have similar features to help you
imagine what it could look like on you. (hair colour, cut, eye colour, eye shape
and skin tone).

3-Prep Your Skin

For optimal makeup results, I always recommend doing a good exfoliation
and a mask prior to your makeup trial(and wedding day). If you have dry skin, a moisturizing mask is great, also using hydrating serums would be beneficial.
For those with oily skin, prior to your trial I recommend a deep exfoliation
and clarifying with a clay mask and hydration serum is great.

4-Wear a White Top

Your clothing is important - even on your trial! Wear a white top or
something with a similar neck line as your wedding dress to your trial as
this will help you to imagine the final look better. Wearing a dress, or
something other than your sweats can stop you from feeling 'overdone'
and help you to visualize yourself on your wedding day.

5-Don't Forget Your Accessories

Bring your accessories such as earrings, necklace, hair jewelry and veil
that you are planning to wear on your wedding day. If you want to have
flowers in your hair, you might want to pick some up before the trial at
your local flower shop, I can pin them into your hairstyle so you can view
the overall look.

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