A month before the wedding

Get a Facial - Getting a facial is always a good idea, discuss with your aesthetician what the best service is for your skin type.
Decide on Lashes - Getting your lash extension fill is also great, but I don'trecommend the lash lift if you have never done it before. With this service you often won't be able to add false lashes as the lashes will be too curly.  If you don't want extensions, don't worry, I have a large selection of lashes to choose from on the day.
Hydrate - Drink lots of water leading up to the wedding to help clear your skin.
Maintain a good skin care routine.
Avoid foods that you know will make your skin cranky (dairy, chocolate, sodas etc.)


Wedding day prep

-Know Your Service Timeline, make sure everyone knows their appointment time and to be there 10 min before their appointment time, ready to go (photos, robe on, dry hair, no makeup) so nobody starts late. This way, if the beauty team is early, we can continue to work and avoid delays later.

-If you just showered and your skin is feeling dry, do your skin routine as per usual, but also exfoliate. When it is time for your hair and makeup, we can also do all the skin prep, but I just want to avoid your skin to feel dehydrated.

- Eye patches are great to use as well, I supply them for my brides only, but the wedding party might also need/want them. I charge $6/ person if they would like them.

-Have an area ready for the hair and makeup team to set up, we will need a table per artist (3x3 feet), an electric outlet close by and a low chair to do hair on (like a dining room chair) If the area can be close to a window it would be ideal, but we also bring our lights in case that is not possible.

-Wash + Dry Your Hair- Please wash your hairthe night before orthe morning of and dry all the way (if you have wet hair it will add 15-20 min to the service, which will put the schedule behind). If you are worried about your hair not staying because it is too fresh, rest assured we have all the products to give it a second day feel. We appreciate working on clean hair.

-If you or your bridesmaids want to use hair extensions, please let us know in advance as it willrequire an extra
15-20 min to the style and is an extra $20.

-Remember to wear something that is easy to slip in and out of, you don't want to mess up your pretty hair and makeup to get out of your PJ's. If the dress goes on from the bottom (head first instead of feet first), you might want to wear it under a robe to protect it.


Post services

Emergency kit - The bride is given a touch up kit with the essentials, but I still recommend the bridesmaids to bring the following: powder if they know they get oily eye liner, and eye lash glue (I like the Kiss felt pen applicator for an easy touch up). If in the middle of the night you can't stand the lashes anymore, remove them and reapply liner.

-Remember to pack an oil based makeup remover on your trip. The makeup we use is very waterproof and needs oil to be removed without irritating your skin.

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