Frequently asked questions

I thought I would post something about frequently asked questions as most of my brides have never been brides before and have no idea of how this works. I hope this can help you. Do not hesitate if you have more questions! 


1- Why should I book a trial?

- It is great to try different styles, you can than go home and look over some pictures and see what looks best with the style of your dress and how it all photographs.

2- When should I book the trial?

- 1 month before the wedding is generally a good time. Closer than that brides usually get too busy with the planning and family visiting early. Some brides like to book the trial before they confirm the contract as well, which is fine the cost of it can be deducted from the final package chosen, but must be paid on the day of the trial.  In the summertime I do the trial on Sundays, but if that doesn’t work for you we can find an other option. Saturdays are fully booked with weddings.

3- Where is the trial done?

I do the trials at my home studio in Squamish, it is perfectly set up with lighting for makeup and hair. If you need me to travel to you for the trial, note that there is an extra free for travel time.

4- Can I use my trial for my engagement shoot?

Of course! But if you do, make sure to book more than a month before the wedding as engagement shoots often get postponed because of bad weather. In the summertime it is a bit difficult as I am very busy with bookings and so are the photographers, but I always do my best to make it work for everyone. It might be a good idea to book the engagement shoot and the trial separate, I than give the bride a discount for the engagement shoot. 

5- What if something happens to you before the wedding?

- I hope I never have to cancel,  but if I did it would be for some major reasons, I luckily have a great team that works with me and would do everything to have you covered! Otherwise the deposit would refunded to you.

6-Why is the cost of the bridal package more expensive than the bridesmaid’s?

- There is a lot of work involved between the time you contact me for the first time and the day of the wedding. The time we spend emailing, finding assistants and organizing a schedule that works for everyone… I always go out of my way to help my brides and make sure their experience is memorable and stress-free. I try my best to be punctual with emailing as I know how frustrating it is to wait for someone’s answer.

7- Why booking you over an artist in Vancouver?

- I have a lot of experience with weddings and you avoid extra transportation and accommodation costs and worry of your makeup artist getting stuck on the bridge, getting lost or being late because she doesn’t know the area.

8- I don’t have very much hair, is there something you can do?

- I have hair extensions that I sell and rent if wanted. inquire about availability and pricing.

9- How long in advance should I book?

- Summer wedding- 7-8 months, Winter wedding 3-4 months. But always inquire I might have an assistant that is available for you.

10- What if I book an assistant? is the same price?

-Yes the prices stay the same as I still take care of the booking, scheduling and make sure everything is organised and stress-free for you. I also supply the touch ups kits and the makeup/hair artist will use my studio to do the trial. I basically act as an agent to the artists. Most of my girls have other jobs and don’t have the time to email back and forth with brides or don’t want to invest in a website or spend hours promoting on social media,  deal with scheduling and finding people to help,  so they are happy that I can do that for them. 

11-  How much experience do your assistants have?

-Everyone that works with me has at least 5 years of intense experience in the industry, I only book people that I trust will do an outstanding job, that are reliable, sanitary and professional.

12- Do you use cruelty free products?

-Being an animal lover, I always look for cruelty free products first, but sometimes the quality and longevity just doesn’t cut it for my client’s most important day. If you are strict about what you use I completely understand and respect that. I wouldn’t mind doing your makeup with your own products and deduct $25 from your cost.

13- Do you do makeup on man?

-Certainly do! Guys get red and shiny, so a little cover up and anti-shine is always good. If they don’t want someone doing it for them, I recommend you buy them a mattifying primer to put after the shower and that they can carry for the photos. I mean, you will be all perfect and flawless looking beside your new hubby, if you know he gets oily you might as well, right?… Just saying

14- I have a tattoo that my grand-ma should not see…

- No problem, I have covered hundreds of tattoos. I use alcohol based paints like they do in the movies, so it will not rubb off on your pretty dress like concealers would,  but be warned it gets dissolved with oils and friction, so it not absolutely life proof, but not far.


15- My mom isn’t sure if she wants to book because she is super picky and keeps on changing her mind, what should I do?

-You know your mama better than anyone, what I recommend in these cases is to not to include her makeup or hair on the contract because if she cancels you still have to pay the balance. Just wait for a few days before the wedding, we usually can always squeeze an extra person as long as we know a few days before and can come a bit earlier. Often though, if the client is very particular, it doesn’t matter if Beyonce’ s makeup artist did the job they simply have their way to do it and it often create stress for the bride. We don’t mind, but you might and we just want you to be happy. :)

16- How much time do you need for the makeup and hair

-I usually schedule 50 min per service for a bridesmaid, 45 for moms and 1hr for the bride. (if we had a trial we can do 50min per service). I rather finish early and have more time to do touch ups than feeling rushed and have unhappy clients. It might only take 30 min to do one of your bridesmaid’s hair, but 60 for an other one. Weddings being what they are, people show up late,  with wet hair or need to run after their child and the schedule is all backed up, so is your entire day. I like smooth mornings and it is important to me that everyone is happy.  Always beware of tight schedules, it takes the time that it takes to do a good job and use sanitary techniques. 

17- We will get ready in a room where the lighting is bad.

- No problem, I recently invested in a great lightning system. I bring it along with my makeup chair. All I need is a little table and electricity. 

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